4 Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel

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November 18, 2015

4 Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel


1. How much should you spend?

This is normally the first question asked by the homeowner, but that number is often affected by outside factors. Keep in mind that what you spend on your kitchen renovation will help to increase the value of your home and increase the quality of your daily living. It does make sense to look at your remodeling budget as an investment, since there will be an immediate measurable return.

Knowing this, you can allocate a more reasonable amount of money to your existing budget, which will allow you to choose the quality features and finishes that make a truly great kitchen.

2. Does it Make Sense to Keep the Kitchen in the Same Place?

Very rarely does one consider the fact that the kitchen can be moved. But what if you could move the location of the kitchen, a major hub in your home? That possibility will increase the budget, but it may also increase the space available, as well as the natural light and potential layouts.

Moving the location will mean changing the plumbing, which is a major undertaking. Consider whether a main floor bath or laundry room can be converted into a kitchen space, or whether the two could be swapped. With this type of move a galley kitchen can be opened up and desirable features such as an island can be included.

3. Can Natural Materials and Green Design be Included?

Not only will using natural and green materials make a difference to the planet, but using natural materials will result in a more comfortable space. Green flooring, energy efficient lighting and recycled building materials can result in a better kitchen design as well as shave utility and maintenance costs later on.

Think of refinishing your existing cabinets. Or using salvaged building materials. Investigate the newest trends in eco-friendly building and see which of them could apply in your home and suit your tastes.

4. How Can You Find the Best Contractor?

The most important choice you will make is the contractor you hire. That decision will determine whether the chosen materials will be installed correctly and whether the design can reach its full potential.

Finding a contractor you can trust and that can do the best job for you can be tricky. It’s best to start with referrals and contact at least three different companies. Make sure you get a list of references for each one and check them thoroughly. Hire a contractor with a solid reputation, a portfolio of excellent work and a list of happy customers. Price should be only a small factor is this important decision. Saving a ton of money on the contractor could lead to having to spend more money down the road if the job isn’t done right or to your liking.


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