Room Additions Scripps Ranch

When you first purchased your house, you likely focused on the number of rooms it had.  After all, you needed a space that could accommodate your family, whatever size it was at the time.  Beyond that, you also wanted to make sure the number of restrooms would satisfy your needs, and that there was room enough to grow.  Whatever your planning and strategizing involved when you were shopping for a house, life sometimes changes faster than we planned.  And so do the needs and demands of your house.  But, while many people spend time watching their families grow and wishing they had purchased a house with another bedroom or more space overall, few people take the steps to make those needs some to fruition.  That’s where San Diego Remodeling Pros comes in, and we think we can help.

In business since 1997, we are a remodel firm known for delivering quality room additions, renovations and more to the Scripps Ranch region at a competitive price, and we’re honored you stopped by.  As a member of the Better Business Bureau, our reputation is something we take great care to maintain, and we do that through satisfying the hopes, desires and needs of those we serve.  We want to play a positive role in your room addition project, and with our excellent service, build quality and qualified crew, we think you’ll like the way we do business.  We also work to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation, and with our highly-talented, sought after builder Mike Schneemann and designer Susan Matanguihan, we’re able to conduct the room addition project you seek the right way.

Our Mission

San Diego Remodeling Pros strives to exceed client expectations through our process of creative design, organized planning, effective project coordination, and quality craftsmanship.  We treat each client as if they were our only client, a quality that has helped us maintain our relationships with our clients for years to come.

Adding More than Just Walls

While adding a few walls may seem like a straightforward task that any builder should be able to provide, we take a decidedly different approach.  Tailoring our approach to each customer, we’ll spend time with you to learn about your goals and hopes for the project.  Beyond that, we take great care to learn about the structure and history of your house.  When our team provides room additions, we aim to deliver a product that feels organic to the home, and with the unique story your house has to tell, our approach will be highly-customized to make sure you receive just that.  After all, why would anyone accept a room addition that feels thrown together or disconnected?

That’s why we invest time developing a project to your exact specifications—a happy client is a returning client.  We’ll work with you to create the plans you’ve been dreaming of, and then provide the right set of talented professionals to get it done, on time.  That’s a hallmark of working with San Diego Remodeling Pros and we think you’ll like the feeling of knowing what you’re getting, for how much, and when. 

Our Work

While we’ve been hard at work bringing peoples’ dream homes together, our reputation has been built alongside it, and we are honored by the way the industry, and more importantly, our clients have responded.  We have positive reviews in, and our clients seem to appreciate our service approach:

“I knew Mike was the right contractor for my job from the beginning.  He was energetic and excited about my project and understood the concept that I was trying to put together.  He had excellent ideas and has a great group of subcontractors he used throughout the job.  He was always upfront about unexpected costs and was very fair with his pricing.  The job turned out exactly as planned and has given my home an updated and beautiful new look.”


We Look Forward to Hearing from You

At your convenience, we’d love for you to contact us.  You can reach us the following ways:

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