Granny Flat Rancho Bernardo

Considering a new Granny Flat or remodeling an existing one?  After all, whether you have a use for it now, or you may need it in the future, a separate dwelling place can provide a lot of flexibility to you and your family.  When a family grows a little bigger than planned, parents need a place to visit, or you just want a separate space to escape to, a Granny Flat can provide that freedom, so having the right team build it is essential.  We are excited you’ve decided to visit us at San Diego Remodeling Pros, your one-stop for all your Granny Flat needs. 

Since 1997 we have developed a reputation as honest, state-of-the-art service providers with integrity serving the Rancho Bernardo area.  We’ve worked hard to provide custom, quality remodeling services and additional living spaces for years, and our track record is well-regarded in the industry. 

A Separate Space for a Familiar Face

With no shortage of reasons to need a separate living space, we know the size, style, and accommodations are all important considerations before committing to a plan, and that’s where we come in.  Builder Mike Schneemann and designer Susan Matanguihan can work with you to carefully craft a Granny Flat designed to your specifications and needs.  Whether it’s your oldest child, a beloved parent, or anyone else, our Granny Flats will be a natural extension to your home and carry the character you want with it.

A Client-Centered Project Experience

A well-informed client is a happy client, so at San Diego Remodeling Pros, we remain dedicated to keeping you in the loop and in the know regarding all the important details of your upcoming project.  However, we also work to provide ongoing guidance and consultation throughout the project so that you never feel you’ve been left in the dark or given an impossible decision to make.  We firmly believe a company should be true to their word, and we develop our projects with agreed-upon timelines for deliverables, so you can know when everything is happening.  We want you to feel like our only client, and with our client service standards, we think you will.

Our Work

Our reputation speaks for itself.  With positive reviews from and trusted name in the industry, we are confident you’ll appreciate working with a trusted entity for your Granny Flat project.  Our clients also have something to say: 

“I knew Mike was the right contractor for my job from the beginning.  He was energetic and excited about my project and understood the concept that I was trying to put together.  He had excellent ideas and has a great group of subcontractors he used throughout the job.  He was always upfront about unexpected costs and was very fair with his pricing.  The job turned out exactly as planned and has given my home an updated and beautiful new look.”


Our Mission

San Diego Remodeling Pros strives to exceed client expectations through our process of creative design, organized planning, effective project coordination, and quality craftsmanship.  We treat each client as if they were our only client, a quality that has helped us maintain our relationships with our clients for years to come.

We Look Forward to Hearing from You

As you consider your options, we invite you to contact us using any of the following methods:

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