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There’s a lot that goes into a home.  Sure, there are the memories made from celebrating major events and from quality time spent with family and friends, but there are also more concrete matters than make a lot of difference.  Having a house that matches your style, whether modern, classic or otherwise.  There is also the consideration of space, and the fact that almost no one ever thinks they have enough of it.  So much goes into any home, and if you are in the market for one, have you stopped to consider the benefits of a custom built project?  While it may seem like a bridge too far, at San Diego Remodeling Pros, we make dream home projects come true, and we do so offering competitive rates.  We hope you’ll consider us for your home-build project, and we are confident in our ability to provide you with a quality engagement just like our other Scripps Ranch clients experience.

We have been in business since 1997, and through our years of experience, we have continuously demonstrated professionalism and high quality work while providing an informative and responsive project management style that keeps those we serve in the loop.  In everything we do, we strive to showcase honesty, integrity and state-of-the-art service to our clients.  We are members of the Better Business Bureau and carry with us a solid reputation.  In fact, we gain much of our business from positive word of mouth, and the things our clients say about us says a lot.

“I knew Mike was the right contractor for my job from the beginning.  He was energetic and excited about my project and understood the concept that I was trying to put together.  He had excellent ideas and has a great group of subcontractors he used throughout the job.  He was always upfront about unexpected costs and was very fair with his pricing.  The job turned out exactly as planned and has given my home an updated and beautiful new look.”


In addition, our work has been covered in industry publications such as

As we continue serving the San Diego area, we are committed to never stop challenging assumptions and pushing the envelope in the name of our clients.  It’s gotten us this far, and our mission statement makes it abundantly clear: 

“San Diego Remodeling Pros strives to exceed client expectations through our process of creative design, organized planning, effective project coordination, and quality craftsmanship.  We treat each client as if they were our only client, a quality that has helped us maintain our relationships with our clients for years after the project is completed.”

A Client-Centered Project Experience

We didn’t become recognized as a premier contractor by luck, but we did it by always striving for excellence.  When working with San Diego Remodeling Pros, you’ll benefit from a project spearheaded by builder, Mike Schneemann and designer, Susan Matanguihan, two sought after professionals who treat every client as their top priority.  In addition, we’ve forged lasting working relationships with quality professionals and subcontractors so that each of our projects can be staffed by competent, trusted individuals.

From our first consultation to the final touch being completed, we provide a top to bottom approach that means we’ll be there throughout providing clear communication, quality guidance and met expectations.  If you go through the process of having a custom built home, receiving anything less than your exact desire is unacceptable.  With our ability to provide an efficient project experience while also avoiding cookie-cutter designs, you can receive the unique house you picture for your family to enjoy for all the years to come.  We implement industry best practices from a certified crew because we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t.

Contact Us At Your Convenience

We look forward to meeting and learning from you what you are seeking in a home.  When you’re ready, please reach out to us using any of the following means:

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